Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wishing time would stop right in its tracks…..

…(I think that's from some cheesy country song?).  Warning: random post ahead. 

I am confident that I make the cliché phrase “time is flying”or “where is the time going” much too often but it seems that every day is passing far too fast. Seriously, how is it already almost FEBRUARY??  I have mixed feelings about this.  On one hand I am super excited because this means one month closer to the BIG DAY! On the other, it proves how fast time flies and how we should appreciate each and every moment here. 

Three weeks ago, Boo and Alex tied the knot!!  It was such a fun and special weekend and I was so honored to be a part of all the celebrations that surrounded the two of them!  Lots and Lots of pictures were taken and I was planning to share but, the newlywed herself has joined the world of blogging so check her blog out for more wedding weekend recaps!! 

Three weeks ago I also moved back in under my parents roof.  Yes it has been an adjustment but I have to admit that I am loving it!  I anticipated the move but knew that once I moved in it was not only temporarily but also meant the 15 week countdown began.  We are 3 down with 12 to go.  I think they will have a hard time getting rid of me. And the “complimentary” meals, “complimentary” wine after a long day at work, early bed times, etc. don’t help.  With the move back home, it also means my mom and I have a chance to talk wedding day in and day out.  We have started checking a number of  to-do’s that we’d been putting off until closer to the wedding.

Today our announcement ran in The State and this weekend my best friends/bridesmaids are throwing us a Stock the Bar party.  With each passing day, I continue getting more and more excited!  And just because John asks/ makes fun of me for knowing every.single. day., We have 82 days or 2 months, 3 weeks and 1 days to go! 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

It’s ALL about Breigh!

Breigh and Graham will tie the knot in a couple of weeks, so we headed to Isle of Palms for one last weekend to celebrate all things BREIGH! 

Friday night her sisters planned a lingerie shower so we enjoyed lots of food and drinks at the house.  IMG_43971.20IMG_4412IMG_4418On Saturday we had a yummy brunch at Triangle and relaxed at the house in preparation for our Mexican Fiesta before a night out on the town!IMG_4428IMG_4438IMG_44540We had such a fun weekend celebrating and can’t wait to continue the celebrations in just three weeks!