Thursday, October 20, 2011

"W" is for...

Wine, Wedges {salads with salmon} and Wedding {Planning}.  The fiances are in Camden tonight for a Jaycees meeting so the sister and I are taking advantage of some rest and relaxation with a side of healthy indulgences and you guessed it... wedding planning.  We plan to continue on into the weekend as the boys are hitting the fields to hunt and enjoy some "boy" time.
Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The story of Sulley…

If you know me, you know that I am not a dog person or should I say an animal person in general.  John and I have been talking about a dog for awhile now.  It was inevitable that we’d have one.  John loves to hunt and for as long as we’ve been together he’s always made it clear he’d have a dog whether I liked it or not.  I gett it, there are things I do and purchase that he may not love… it’s all about compromise, right? This however was going to be a BIG compromise.  A few weeks ago an opportunity fell in our laps.  My cousin trains dogs for the government and had a trainer offer him a free dog.  If we are going to get one, why not get it for free?!?  This wasn’t just any dog.  She came from great parent that are both Field Trail Champions.  I have no clue what that means but I’ve been told it’s good!

A few weeks and phone calls later, John called me at work to say he was finally picking up the dog… that afternoon.  On my way home, he sent me a picture of our new “puppy”.  She wasn’t the same puppy I’d envisioned.  She was a 19 lb. 12 week old blonde/golden DOG!  I quickly called John and expressed my concern.  I ate those words later.  All of those words.  One lesson I have learned in the past week has been NEVER say NEVER.  This little puppy, whom we have named Sulley, had me from the get-go.  Remember the girl who doesn’t like dogs and always said, I’d never do this, or that.  Well, she lays with me on my {white} couch, licks all over my hands, jumps on me, kisses me and has slept with me.  oops.  My sisters and I {all  except for Joanna} have all now had our experiences with dogs.  Some were good, some were bad… my dad seems to think this is a phase for me and that I’ll be over her in a week.  I’m here to tell you,  I may have gone off the deep end, but this dog is here to stay and I’m loving it!IMG_371410.1110.111-2IMG_3760101211181932101211201636101211202023101211202101

Wedding Wednesday {the dress}

I realize I have made the statement “This has been the most fun so far” multiple times.  I have to admit I may have been telling a little white lie.  This has truly been the most fun I have had during engaged life so far but also one of the most difficult.  This meaning shopping for THE  perfect dress. 

Some history:  My grandmother owned a dress shop when my mom and her 6 sisters were younger.  Seriously, could you even imagine… an endless supply of clothes at your exposure?!? Well, my mom and 5 of her sisters all wore the same dress.  A dress that was a dream back in the day.  When my older sister, Amy, was getting married she decided she wanted to forgo the dress shopping and “redesign” my mom and aunts dress.  I cannot give too much detail or any for that matter because my younger sister, Boo, has decided to wear it also!  I have never been one to dream of my wedding but for as long as I can remember, I have always dreamt of  the dress and what I wanted.  As much as I LOVE my mom’s, aunts and sisters dress, I immediately knew it just wasn’t for me.  That is where it was difficult.  My mom told me early on that my dad was struggling with my decision once he found out.  I'm not sure if it was because he wasn’t looking forward to me finding a new dress at his expense or that he wasn’t walking me down the aisle in the same dress my mom walked down to him in or he walked the first 2 sisters down the aisle in.  Either way, I know I made the right decision. 

Rewind back to June.  June 18th to be exact.  My mom, sisters and I met at Evelyn’s to start my search for the dress.  Honestly, I started the process thinking I knew what I wanted.  I was told by many that most people go in searching for what they think they want and leave with what they never thought they’d choose.  I was more nervous than anything to slip into a wedding dress.  Any wedding dress.  The idea was crazy to me in an unexplainable way. Unbeknownst to me, my mom and sisters already had a selection of dresses for me to try when I arrived.  I was told to try on the one that drew my eye first.  best. advice. ever.  I probably tried on 20 and kept going back to the first.  Needless to say, I left with a dress and a huge smile!  John later admitted that he was secretly hoping and praying that I found the dress that day.  I did and I can’t wait for him to see me in it for the first time on our wedding day!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Workin’ for the weekend

Today was my half day Friday!  I love having the option to go in 30 minutes early everyday to be able to have a half day every other Friday.  Lately, these half days have been jam packed with errands/running around and not much relaxation. 

I left work today and headed to Sandhills to grab lunch with my mom, Amy, Boo and the kiddos before my first dress fitting. One of my best friends and bridesmaids, Meredith, met us there too!  I was super excited as this was the first time I would see MY dress custom made with certain details.  It went great and I can’t wait to finally try it on once it’s altered to my size

My mom still had not seen our house, so she and the older kids ran by before John and I checked another thing off the ongoing wedding list…. wedding bands!  This was my second {that I can remember} indecisive/ changing my mind “bridezilla” moment.  We actually picked out bands a few months back and I've had a little change of heart.  A little change John is not so excited about if you know what I mean!:)

John planned to go hunting this afternoon so he left me home to nap and take care of the dogs. Yes, I said Dogs.  We are keeping Boo and Alex’s dog, Maya, for the weekend.   Double. Trouble.

I have been loving breakfast for dinner lately so tonight I cooked myself up a yummy omelet with bacon and a mimosa {while watching 4 weddings and say yes to the dress}! Heaven.  Football 201112Tomorrow we are planning to cook out at the house with friends for the game and relax before heading to Spartanburg to celebrate Addie and James’ engagement….IMG_2483 and hopefully make it back to Camden in time to celebrate John and Jennifer’s!IMG_2444 So much love and excitement in this next year! 

Sunday always calls for some rest and relaxation and ends with dinner at my parents with the family!  Love it!

Happy weekend! Hope everyone has a great one!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Meet Sulley!

Our huge not so little new addition to the family!  Sulley11 weeks

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wedding Wednesday {save-the-dates}

I’ve totally been slack lately with my WW posts, but I’ve justified it with the fact that I never promised I’d post every Wednesday {and life has been chaotic to say the least}!:)  I really haven’t had much worth blogging about in the wedding department and I didn’t want to bore all 5 of you that may read this!  The wedding is quickly approaching- we are under 200 days!  I know that seems crazy to most that I am this excited about that but when we got engaged and set the date we were over 400.  Oh how time flies!  With Boo and Alex’s wedding being a mere 3 1/2 months before ours, we have sort of been forced to plan with them along the way.  I am not complaining, as we are almost finished.  We still have a few minor details but for the most part the decisions are made and we can now sit back and enjoy 6 months of a stress-free engagement! yay!

I spent the majority of my lunch breaks and evenings last week addressing save-the-dates.  Shortly after we got engaged, I found an idea for a save-the-date that I really liked.  I sent it to Liz and wanted to try and re-create it during our engagement shoot.  I wasn’t really sure how we were going to do this or how it would turn out.  John’s dad had a few extra pieces of Heart Pine wood {the family house in our pictures is made of this exact wood} that he let us use. A little bit of paint later and we were ready to go!  I LOVE the way they turned out {Thanks Zil Photography and Jot}! save the date {This is the picture we used.  I can not get the actual save the date to upload.  technologically.challenged.}092911222208 All ready and they were mailed out Friday! 

That is all for now.  I promise hope to be better about posting going forward!  For now, I must get back to packing.  We are heading to The Highlands after work tomorrow for Scottie and Austin’s wedding weekend!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Joanna's 21st celebrations!

We started the 21st birthday celebrations Sunday night at my parents with our family and some of Joanna's friends!  
Oysters- always a Watson celebration favorite!
Birthday girl and friends!
We sang Happy Birthday...
Watson helped Aunt Jo blow out her candles...
toasted to 21 years of dad's favorite child
and spoiled her adult beverages, gift cards, candy and a new Cannon!

We continued the celebrations on her actual birthday at Cantina!  Boo, Alex, John and I treated Joanna and her friends to "legal" drinks and dinner!
So happy to be getting carded
Sisters {we missed you, Amy!}
more birthday gifts

roommates plus Brookebirthday shot

We had so much fun celebrating with you Joanna!!  Thank goodness the celebrations are over though- I am exhausted and proven old!

Monday, October 3, 2011

She’s legal!

Today my “baby” sister turns 21…. how did this happen so fast??  21 years ago today, my sisters and I anxiously awaited the news of our new sibling.  She would be the new addition that completed our family.  I remember the day she was born just like it was yesterday.   I remember visiting the hospital to meet her for the first time.  I remember bringing her home in our family station wagon too.

Wishing you the happiest 21st birthday… you are finally legal!!217658_1003052045161_1490640086_28972_5505_n I love you, JoJo!