Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Anderson {6 months}





Happy Half Birthday, Little A!

6 months already? 

To celebrate his half birthday, we stripped him down, set him up outside and let him devour his very own first icedream cone.  He was alittle skeptical at first but quickly dove in. 




Although at one point he was more interested in digging his hands in it than eating.



We were able to convince him to hold it and feed himself, which didn’t last long.


Happy half birthday, sweet boy!  These past 6 months have been more than we could’ve ever dreamed and we look forward to seeing what the next 6 bring! 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Weekend Rewind

My 10 year class reunion was this past Friday- talk about feeling OLD!  Our graduating class had only 53 students and only half were able to make it so it was fairly small.  Most of our close group of friends were there and it was a lot of fun catching up with people I hadn’t seen in years. 

We “pregamed” {if you will} at Meredith’s house before we headed to party at Rockaways. 






After the reunion we went to Tin Roof where one of our classmates bartends. Saturday started a little slow for most of us.

Watson’s all-star baseball party was Saturday morning at a park up the street from their house.  Amy had every detail nailed to a t and the birthday boy had a blast! 


Anderson wore his best baseball attire but couldn’t handle the fun. 


Football is a pretty serious event in our house.  The Cocks took on Vandy and Watson was able to stay for the game. 





We have a few of John’s smocked outfits from when he was a baby.  I love that Anderson was able to wear this one to church- how sweet!


Since Watson’s actual birthday was the 15th we celebrated with dinner and cake at my parents to end the fun weekend!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

Our Labor Day weekend was non stop.  We started it by waking at the crack of dawn to make the trip home from Orlando for the USC season opener against UNC.  IMG_2155

That morning we got the news that our newest addition coming to the family in February is going to be a sweet baby girl!!  John and I are beyond excited since this little bundle whose name will be Katherine Marie will also be our goddaughter!


Friday morning we retrieved our child back from his granddaddy to hit the road to Charleston for The Citadel season opener.  My sister made this adorable bubble for our little Bulldog to sport to his first Citadel game.


We were exhausted from the weeks events so we had a low key night walking King Street then grabbed dinner at our favorite sushi spot, Wasabi.


We housesat for one of John’s good friends and his wife.  My husband- the dog whisperer. 


A trip to Charleston is not complete without the obligatory bridge picture. 


We met up with Jimmy and Chris for brunch at Page’s Okra Grill before the game.  It came recommended by a few people and it was just as good as we had heard.  The shrimp and grits were some of the best I’d ever had! 

The game wasn’t until that night but we had to get there a bit early to visit campus.  It holds a special place in us {obviously John more} as it was the same place John proposed and also the first place we visited after finding out we were expecting our baby boy!  I was so excited because I knew how much it meant to John.  I know he’s been dreaming of this day since last year!


We' have been so fortunate to tailgate with  The McQueeney’s for the games.  They have a great tailgate set up with an RV, tv, fans and lots of fun! 


future cadet?


The PSL is back at Starbucks- I think I had one everyday that weekend.


We stopped by the outlets on the way out of town.  Most stores were having their big Labor Day sales.  I picked up a handful of fall necessities including this BCBG jacket for next to nothing!  We’re ready for the cold weather.


We had lunch at Jim-n-Nicks complete with Sam Adams Octoberfest and a plate of BBQ and sides.  



This little one is starting to get into anything he can get his hands on.  Including our plates of food. 


I may have tricked John into reading this book.  I can’t even blame it on my hormones anymore but this book makes me cry… like ugly cry sob.  I tried to read it a few weeks ago and didn’t make it through the first two pages. 


Opening day for Dove season was Monday which we had to make it back for.  Anderson is obviously too young to tag along but I made sure to have some camo for him to wear. 





One of us cleaned all day while the other caught up on his sleep. 

{Can you tell I’m dying for cold weather??}


I hadn’t had backstrap since before I got pregnant last year.  It was one thing I missed most that I couldn’t have.  We had it for dinner that night and it was even better than I remember. 


Our weekend ended with this little bug in our bed.  We were exhausted but long fun filled weekends are always worth it!


Friday, September 13, 2013

The littlest Gamecock

My sisters and I never really had a choice to be Gamecocks or not. We were just simply raised to know the right decision.  As far as I’m concerned, neither does Anderson or any of our future kids;)

You can imagine how excited I was to dress him in his first gameday attire for the season opener against North {the fake}Carolina!  While he wasn’t able to actually attend the game, he did cheer them to victory from his grandaddy’s house!



His Aunt Addie gave him his very first Gamecock ornament at one of my baby showers.  We are looking forward to getting it on the tree in a few months!



Here’s to another Gamecock Victory Saturday!  Go Cocks!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Disney World

John’s company sent us on a trip to Disney World late August.  We were wined and dined all week, and while Anderson wasn’t at all quite old enough for the experience we all had a great time! 

We left early Saturday morning for the 7 1/2 hour trip down.  This was our first {over 2 hour} car ride with A since he was born so I was super nervous.  He loves the car and usually falls asleep as soon as the car is in drive.  I just knew the odds were against us but he did GREAT and slept for most of the trip.

We stayed at the Disney Yacht Club right next to Epcot.  We checked in around 3 and headed over to the pool.  Unfortunately there was a huge thunderstorm that moved in so we posted up at the pool bar for a few cocktails.  Anderson experienced his first Mickey ice cream too!

There was a dinner that night at Epcot followed by a fireworks show. 



John had meetings most mornings which meant Anderson and I got to sleep in and relax.  Sunday morning we hung out on our room patio then walked the board walk across from the hotel.


view from our room


view of the Yacht Club from the boardwalk



The Yacht Club shares 3 pools with The Beach Club next door.  We hung by the pool so Anderson could sport his Mickey swimsuit!


Of course John was amused by the Mallards hanging poolside


Sunday night was the welcome dinner so we cleaned up and were bused over.

Boo’s friend, Brittany, dances for The Beauty and the Beast show, so she was able to get us a park hopper pass for Monday.  We met her at Hollywood studios which was walking distance from The Yacht Club. 


Anderson was excited to wear his Mickey outfit created by AWDesigns


We took the ferry over to Magic Kingdom and upon boarding, you could sign your name in chalk. 





“It’s a Small World”


Mad Hatter Tea Cups


Dumbo’s Flight




The big kids on Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride



As we were walking to the train the sky fell out so we took cover.  After it stopped we made it to the train line and right before boarding, they shut the ride down.  Have I mentioned toting a stroller up and down stairs is the pits. 


The Honor Dinner was Monday night at Coronado Springs Resort.  We ended our night in the ER where we found out Anderson is allergic to the contact of cigarette smoke.  After a breathing treatment and a hefty medical bill, we were sent on our way back to our hotel. 

Since we got back at 3:30 a.m. Monday night, we slept in the next morning and then remained poolside all day.  Everyone was given an after 4:00 pass for Tuesday night to the park of their choice.  We chose Epcot and spent our time at the Around the World exhibits.  We planned to visit each country but met up with some other agents and their families and never made it. 

We started at Mexico with Coronas!




Chinese beer with my Chinaman



Germany where we got our family pickle ornament


and indulged in some Oktoberfest



Italy for some pizza and beer… and weird photo opts


Our last day was a lazy one.  We did the pool thing for one last time.


The pools had sand bottoms, a lazy river and a water slide. 


Our last night we went to Hollywood Studios where New York Life had rented it out for Agents and their families only.  It was so much fun.  We watched Brittany in The Beauty an the Beast show, rode the Tower of Terror and Rockin Rollercoaster and ate and drank with the friends we made that week. 

The week was certainly a wonderful {and magical} way to end our summer travels and I was reminded of just how hard John works doing something he loves for our family. I left a pretty proud wife:)