Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Saturday afternoon, John and I headed to Columbia to scoop up Watson for the night.  We had a fun day planned for Sunday up at Liberty Hill- Watson’s first trip up to “hunt”.  He had been up there once before during the summer and got to enjoy the property and 4 wheelin’ but John was excited to show him the huntin’ ropes. 

We started with lunch at Creekside on the lake where he must have asked 50 times “when are we going to hunt”.   1Once we got up there, we road up to the pond so that John and his dad could flood it.  No clue what that means but Watson made sure we knew that “ When he got old like dat, he can flood a pond too”.   He was mesmerized- he would’ve been down there too had I let him.Watson HuntingWe realized Sunday morning that he did not have a “gun” to take hunting so John surprised him with his very own.  He loved it!  Watson Hunting2Watson Hunting3Uncle John let him ride in the front seat with him {on the property only!} and he LOVED listening for deer and looking at himself “shoot” and shooting from the car.  6Once we finally made it back to the house, the boys took a ride on the 4 wheeler before it was time to go home- a big hit I must tell you!Watson Hunting1910We are already talking about when we can get him to take him back up to The Hill again- we had too much fun! Hopefully next time his little brother can join! 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Meredith’s Kitchen Shower

It’s Meredith and Charlie’s wedding week!  They are getting married in a ceremony with just family Saturday before honeymooning for 2 weeks only to return to celebrate at a big reception party with their closest family and friends!  

Last weekend, Mollye, Katie, Paige and I, along with our moms hosted a Kitchen Shower for Meredith.  We have all grown up with Meredith through the years and it was fun to get together with our moms to talk about the good ole’ days. IMG_5287burlap inspired tables10.201kitchen towel cakeIMG_5281Champagne/ mimosas and wine for {most} to enjoy!IMG_5279the food was amazing- ham biscuits, brie and crackers, grits, fruit and quicheIMG_5285IMG_5286hostesses minus the momsIMG_5283MOB and the BrideIMG_5284Paige, Meredith, me, Mollye and KatieIMG_5291Happy Wedding Week, Mrs. {soon to be} Spires!  Can’t wait to continue the celebrations!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

18 & 19 Week update!

I can’t believe we are almost halfway there and in one more week we will know if Baby T is a HE or a SHE!  Our weeks have started picking up and I have found less time to sit down when I get home much less blog so this week I’m here with 2 weeks of updates. 


How far along? 19 weeks

Size of Baby T? {18 weeks}- a bell paper, measuring at 7 ounces.  {19 weeks}- an heirloom tomato, measuring at about 8 1/2 ounces

Maternity Clothes? Yes, finally I’m wearing equal parts maternity and normal clothes.  My sister gave me all of her maternity clothes which has been great!

Weight Gain? 8 lbs.

Stretch Marks? None but the tummy continues to itch and I often forget to use the Palmers. 

Gender? ahh- I can’t believe we find out this Friday!!  I have thought girl up until now and all the old wives tales say girl!

Sleep? Boppy is still my bff although weird enough lately I’m back to trying to sleep on my stomach. 

Movement? YES!  Everyone tells you that it’s one of the most exciting and comforting feelings in the world- they aren’t lying.  Tuesday morning while at work I felt it but thought maybe it was still a “flutter” then he/she kicked two more times.  Since I’ve felt it almost everyday! 

Cravings? peanut butter on anything {apples, bananas, crackers, english muffins}, candy, hot chocolate, pickles. 

What I miss? a full nights sleep- between bathroom visits and tossing and turning it just doesn’t happen anymore. 

Symptoms? headaches, back aches, small bladder issues

Best moment of the week? Last week we asked my mom to attend our anatomy scan/ gender reveal appointment.  She will be the only one that finds out on Thursday and she’s promised to keep the secret until we announce after dinner Friday!  This week feeling the little one move was by far the best thing to date!   John’s dying to feel him/ her move so hopefully soon! 

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Cassidys tie the knot + 17 week update

It’s hard to believe that the year of the weddings has come to an end {with the exception of one that we are still waiting on the date to be set}!  We started last October with Scottie and Austin’s wedding in Highlands and ended this one with Sarah and Rob’s wedding at the beach! 

We headed down to Litchfield Friday night for the Rehearsal dinner at the Beach Club. Rob’s parent hosted a Mexican theme party complete with guacamole, salsa, quesadillas and brisket sandwiches. While I stuck to the diet coke, I was told the margaritas were yummy too!:)

Saturday morning all the girls met at Sarah’s parents condo to give her our special wedding day gift- the book.  sarahs wedding 3sarahs wedding 4We grabbed lunch before a few of us treated ourselves to a mani and pedi and then it was time to get ready for the night!

The wedding and reception were at Wachesaw Plantation.  The weather was sunny with a bit of a chill and the view was amazing. Sarah looked absolutely stunning and Rob was all smiles all night.  These two are truly meant for one another!  sarahs wedding 5sarahs wedding 1sarahs wedding 2sarahs wedding 6On our way out Sunday morning, we grabbed Starbucks, lunch and a little something for Baby T to remind us of {Aunt Sarah’s!} wonderful weekend!outfitAs we speak, The Cassidys are honeymooning in Riviera Maya at Zoetry- the same place John and I spent our honeymoon.  We are SO SO jealous but excited that we were able to talk them into the experience.  We can’t wait to hear all about it when they return! Congratulations Sarah and Rob!!

Now onto the baby stuff… I have no bump picture this week.  I intended to snap one before the wedding but as usual I was running out the door late.

How far along? 17 weeks, 1 day

Size of Baby T? a turnip, measuring at approximately 5 ounces

Maternity Clothes?  Still singing the belly band’s praises and continuing to add maternity pieces.    

Weight Gain? I am not sure of the truth here… the last couple of times I’ve weighed myself has been after dinner which says 8 lbs so I’ll go with 7?  It might be time to start adding in afternoon walks to the agenda. 

Stretch Marks? None.

Gender? We’d of course be happy with either but we’re still both saying girl!

Sleep? I want to hug and kiss whoever invented the boppy pillow.  It is AH-mazing.  I have even caught John snuggling up with it a few times when I’m getting ready for work too. 

Movement? I have felt what I think are flutters a couple of times but still nothing that I am convinced is true movement. 

Cravings? Food.  I pretty much eat whatever now.  I don’t crave much specifically but lately I am ALWAYS hungry. 

What I miss? Energy and Patience.  I never really had patience before but now it seems they are forever being tested.  I want the little bit I had back!

Symptoms? Constant itchy stomach, exhaustion, big time emotions, growing belly{!!}

Best moment of the week? Welcoming Anna West Thursday afternoon, the first of the three cousins!  She is precious and looks just like her big sister Emory! 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ms. Julie’s Chili

One of our very favorite meals to enjoy when the weather turns cold is Chili and with the temperatures dropping, I decided it was time to cook up my first pot!  My mom has used this recipe from Ms. Julie,one of her friends, for years now and I am lucky to have gotten my hands on it too.  We prefer to substitute the ground beef with venison but since I’m not allowed to eat it, John has to suffer through with me. chili
1/2 lb ground beef
3 cups chopped onion
1 large chopped green pepper
4 cloves minced garlic
2 16 ounce cans chopped tomato {undrained}
1 15 ounce can kidney beans  {undrained}
1 15 ounce can black beans {undrained}
1/2 lb fresh mushrooms
1 cup picante sauce
3 tablespoons chili powder
3 teaspoons ground cumin
3 teaspoons salt
1/2 tablespoon dried oregano
Brown beef with onions, green pepper and garlic.  Drain and add remaining ingredients.  Boil for 3 minutes, cover and reduce heat.  Cook for 45 minutes, stirring often.  Serve with cheese, sour cream and/ or fritos.chili dinnerTonight I also whipped up some three cheese biscuits.  I’d like to say from scratch but one of my friends suggested using the Bisquick mix.  I’m glad I did- they were tasty and far less effort.
If you are looking for something to warm you up, I promise this meal won’t disappoint!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall, Football & 16 week update!

I was feeling especially unprepared for the fall season when the stocking I ordered arrived in the mail this past week and I had not one fall decoration in my house.  I am so not a creative DIY-er and usually do not do much decorating because of this.  Fall decorations around this house typically consist of throwing a pumpkin on the front porch and that’s about it.  Last year I promised myself I would do more this season so Friday called for a DIY day.

I found this burlap banner tutorial online.  I loved how it turned out and it added a little extra fun to our mantle!  It was super easy and cute! Fall 2012I am a lover of all things burlap so when I saw this wreath on pinterest awhile back I knew it would be perfect for my front door.  I think you could also add something to it to carry you through the Fall to Christmas holidays.  It was a little more time consuming as you had to cut each piece of fabric, fold and pin and it used every bit of the 1 1/4 that it called for.  IMG_5265And just for fun- here are a few other things I added outside and around the house.  We still have yet to carve the pumpkins and the candy corns wont last in this house long but it’s a start, right?Fall 20121I can’t believe it is already October but I’m not complaining.  With all this fall{ish} weather comes some good football!  I was so happy to hear when they set this week’s game time that it would be a 7:00 game.  It typically means the weather starts to cool down and the game is actually enjoyable.  We were excited to head to Columbia as our #6 Gamecocks took on the #5 Georgia Bulldogs!  Gameday visited and we were happy to pull out a BIG WIN!USC.GASundays now make for an exciting day to end the weekend- they mark another week further in the pregnancy department!  Today we reached 16 weeks!  IMG_527415 weeks, 6 days

How far along? 16 weeks

Size of Baby T? an avocado, measuring at approximately 3 1/2 ounces

Maternity Clothes?  Same as last week- mostly in normal clothes but slowly transitioning into maternity pieces.

Weight Gain? 5 lbs

Stretch Marks?  I picked up some Palmer’s this week at Target and while I haven't seen any just yet, I’m hoping it will prevent any in the future!

Gender? Thinking pink!  We find out on the 1st but have something special planned to find out alone so stay tuned!

Sleep? I pretty much toss and and turn ALL night now.  My mom bought me a boppy body pillow this weekend which has helped!

Movement?  None yet but they say this is the time when you could start feeling the first flutters!

Cravings? Not much different from last week except adding steak to the list.  I had a major aversion to meat early on but am gaining back the appetite for it and wanting lots of red meat lately. 

What I miss? Alcohol.  With all the football, tailgating and wedding festivities I’m really wanting to indulge in a cold adult beverage.

Symptoms? {major} mood swings, itchy stomach, small bladder issues. 

Best moment of the week? Mom, Boo and I went shopping today and we had so much fun scoping out all the baby stuff!  I am itching to start shopping but just a few more weeks!  Amy is also being induced this week and it’s is so overwhelming to think about all the fun and excitement happening in our family! All three babies will be the same age and grow up in the same grade!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

15 weeks

The weeks are flying by- I can’t say it enough but I’m loving it! 

apologies for the grainy cellphone picture- I caved on the belly pictures.  awkward.  

15 weeksHow far along? 15 weeks, 3 days

Size of Baby T? an apple, measuring at approximately 2 1/2 ounces

Maternity Clothes?  I am still wearing my old pants using the belly band and most pre maternity dresses still work.  I have been able to wear a few of the maternity pieces I bought lately though.

Weight Gain? Up 1 pound as of today’s visit from my last so a total of 5

Stretch Marks? none… yet

Gender? Still thinking girl but we find out in just 4 weeks!!

Sleep?  Totally restless these days.  Over the past week it’s become harder to find a comfortable position.  I’m finally no longer able to sleep on my stomach and laying on my side isn’t working either unless I use a body pillow.  

Cravings? Apples and peanut butter, kit kats, deli sandwiches {mainly subs}, anything fresh {salads, veggies} and pickles. Random assortment of stuff to say the least. 

What I miss? To be honest not much.  Maybe my clothes fitting and occasionally a glass of wine/beer.

Symptoms? the belly is growing by the minute, face breaking out, “up top” constantly growing, still a good amount of irritability.  For the most part I feel great though- I’ve gotten my energy back and I’m finally feeling {more so} like myself again. 

Best moment of the week? Hearing our little ones heartbeat and the good news that everything is developing and growing on track today!  We set our anatomy scan ultrasound today which will reveal the gender of Baby T!  I can hardly wait!!