Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wedding Wednesday {Sister Brides!}

Born 17 months apart, I am not sure that my parents ever actually thought they would be faced with 2 wedding at the same time.   You’re reading this correct, my little younger sister, Boo, and I are getting married… 3 1/2 months apart.  I am often asked “How is your dad handling this, I bet he is freaking out”.  Boo and I’s response: “This is what they get for having us so close together”.  All jokes aside, this is such a special and fun time for all of us.  My parents are handling it better than I could ever imagine. 
Growing up I was known as “Boo’s older sister”.  She was the tough one, the one that I could count on if I ever got in trouble or simply just needed someone.  I feel that we are so lucky to share in this time together.    I can not wait to see her walk down the aisle to her future and feel so honored to stand by her side as her maid of honor. 189086_973651392767_12605743_48884002_5960936_n I love you, seester!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Engagement Party

A few couple friends of our parents threw our engagement party Saturday to celebrate us!  On our way to the party,  John and I were discussing how surreal this time in our life seems- we are so happy to begin this next chapter but can't believe it is already "our turn".  The party was amazing and we were so thankful for those that came to celebrate! 

As usual, picture. overload. 13 4 56college best friends8Camden friends97Bride’s family10 1112Groom’s Family1315soon to be sister in law16College ‘maids297249_10100344751023107_12607008_50859655_6770294_n  Bridesmaids308189_10100344751262627_12607008_50859658_8212230_nRecently Updated214another Wilmot reunion315454_10100344751936277_12607008_50859668_3513118_n313187_10100344963103097_12607008_50863441_1428653_n 303514_10100344753078987_12607008_50859685_2085488_nour best friends309674_10100344752854437_12607008_50859681_4327895_nand wonderful hosts  299834_10100344753822497_12607008_50859693_1141275_n Saturday was also one of my best friend and bridesmaid's birthday!   The State of NC sent her a gift she will never forget- confirmation that she passed the NC Bar!  Congratulations, Casey Denise Rego, Esq! Recently Updated1I promise the groom was in attendance… he must have been hiding from the camera!

Thank you to our friends and family for a party to remember!  We look forward to celebrating with each and every one of you in the months to come!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Casey Denise!

aCasey and kat Happy Birthday to one of my very best friends!!  I hope you have a wonderful day- you deserve it!  We can’t wait to share in celebrations tonight with you!  Love you!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wedding Wednesday {invitations, china & photo sessions}

Whew.  Friday wore me out.  It was such a fun and productive day with my mom- we got so much accomplished!  We started our afternoon at Non(e)such.  I have to admit I am not good with making decisions, much less making decisions on something I know little about.  My mom is a china and crystal guru so I let her lead the way.  It was a little overwhelming to say the least but I love what we picked out! 
We finished up at Non(e)such just in time to head down the street for our appointment at Jot.  This was the most fun I’ve had so far.  Tara, the owner, was so patient and helpful- we went in with a lot of questions.  Who knew there were so. many. options.  If you know my mom, you know she loves the best of the best when it comes to pens and paper.  Needless to say, we agreed on something a little more fun than traditional but still formal.  I also found a cute idea for our Save the Dates a few months ago that Jot is going to do for us.  More to come on that:) 
Thanks mom for such a fun day and for all your help on those decisions I could not have made alone!!IMG951291 side note: John told me I was absolutely crazy for asking to take a snap shot of our appointment aftermath:)
Remember the failed attempt at engagement pictures due to the torrential down pour?  Well, mother nature was finally nice to us.  We ended our day with Zil Photography for our engagement session.    I feel so lucky that things worked out and to have Liz as our photographer.  Her husband, Ben, is one of Johns good friends and is in our wedding.  She knows John and I and who we are as a couple.  I’ve always said there is something to be said about a photographer who truly knows what/who they are photographing.  We had so much fun goofing off and just being ourselves.  I am dying to see the pictures and can’t wait to share them!  Thanks Liz (Zil is Liz backwards- get it?) for everything!
Well, time is flying.  I’ve been told it would.  This past week we hit our 8 month count down.  We are checking things off the to-do list quicker than I anticipated (yay)!  I don't know what I am going to do with myself once all the planning is done and I can sit back and enjoy being engaged! 

Monday, August 22, 2011

All good (or bad) things come to an end…

Happy Monday.. and what one it has been.  Monday has never been my friend but this morning it was my more like my enemy.  I arrived at work (early, mind you)  only to be greeted by a crashed computer.  Yes, crashed as in gone… donzo.  As you can imagine this set the tone for the rest of my day.  It was slow, my printer/scanner was no reconnected, I lost all of my “auto" contacts.  Pretty much if it could go wrong technologically, it did.  Needless to say, I survived and it’s coming to an end.  Tomorrow is a new day.  

How is it almost September?!?  I feel like it was just June and now summer is coming to an end.  make. it. stop.    

We will bid farewell to August this weekend and celebrate in style with our closet friends and family at our hurricane party engagement party (and one of my very best friends birthdays:))!  Fingers crossed Irene stays away!  This also means we are one weekend closer to my favorite things- Fall, football, sweaters, boots and of course the holidays!  It seems that at the close of every season, the next can not get here fast enough. 

I will certainly miss…

{the beach}IMG_2958{hydrangeas}IMG_3276-1{fresh veggies and boiled peanuts}August 20118{lake/beach weekends with family, friends and the fiancĂ©’} IMG_2995 and looking forward to…

{Gamecock football}59428_871252056857_12607008_46712851_1231724_n67709_887797230197_12605822_47138370_5338205_n {fall, sweaters and boots}73228_905147370377_12605743_47514833_3224369_n {the holidays}65714_919568655007_12607008_47803034_1542753_n163188_931473687227_12607008_48097015_4438912_nI know this fall/winter has so many good things in store and I am so excited to see!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wedding Wednesday {'maids & 'men}

No news to report on the list- I've made no headway and I'm still waiting on it to magically create itself. sigh

However, I can report that we not only have the best wedding party ever but we have also decided on what they will sport on the big day! Asking our bridesmaids and groomsmen was a lot of fun but also special for us. We have sisters, brothers, sisters/brothers in law to be, cousins, old friends and new friends.... We also each have 12. Eeekk. Do not get me wrong, we would not have it any other way.

I could not wait to find the perfect dress for my bridesmaids to wear.  I have never understood why a bride would not want her bridemaids to not only look amazing but feel comfortable too. I found this  article recently and could not agree more with it.  My mom, sisters and I made a day trip to charleston a few weeks ago in search of dresses. We were successful thanks to the sweet helpful girls at Bella Bridesmaid and I could not be more excited. I don't want to give too much away but we decided on a French Blue(swatch below) Amsale dress. They are so flattering on and I can't wait to see each of my girls in them in a few (plus some) months!

As for the guys, the decision was not so easy. Our wedding is going to be formal so we knew we at least wanted/needed the guys to wear tails. John has always said his favorite picture of his grandparents is on their wedding day leaving the church. He wore a white dinner jacket, she wore her wedding dress. We went back and forth for a good 2 months changing our decision between tails...white dinner jackets... tails... You get it. Tails it was. Until, I had my first "indecisive bride/I have 13 months to change my mind" moment. White (read-Ivory) it is. We are so thankful and blessed to have such sweet and supportive friends to stand by our sides on one of the most exciting days of our lives!

Next on the list to be checked off Friday- invitations, fine china decisions and a second attempt at engagement pictures (provided mother nature cooperates). For now I'm off to vino and yummy dinner with the girls:)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Austin and Scottie’s Engagement Party

This weekend we made our way to Greenville to kick off the wedding festivities of the soon-to-be Smiths!  Some of Scottie’s close friends and family threw the wonderful party and we were so happy to be able to be there to celebrate! 

Warning:  picture overload

The Dulins were sweet enough to let us stay at their house for the nightIMG_3182Wilmot Reunion IMG_3183IMG_3187IMG_3250-1buttons/ pictures of the bride and groomAugust 20113-1the food was delicious…August 2011IMG_3217 and the drinks were too!August 20111The LynchsIMG_3207-1August 20115-1 the bride and friendsIMG_3201-1 IMG_3202 IMG_3203-1 IMG_3204-1 the ice cream bar was a hitAugust 20114 IMG_3210 IMG_3230father of the bride’s speechIMG_3223August 20117 IMG_3239 IMG_3237IMG_3226IMG_3227 August 20112 In a few short weeks we will all be together again to celebrate as they become Mr. and Mrs.! Congrats, Austin and Scottie!