Monday, October 20, 2014

Gender Reveal- Baby #2!

 We knew we would find out if Baby #2 was a boy or girl as soon as we found out we were expecting.  I hope with one pregnancy (probably the last) I can wait for a delivery room surprise but this go round just wasn't it.  I am a planner and for the most part regardless of gender, most "stuff" can be used from Anderson.  But I needed to know whether he could wear hand-me-downs of all things blue or if she would need a whole new wardrobe, blankets, hats and of course if I needed to start stocking up on bows!;)

With Anderson we waited until 20 weeks to find out at our anatomy scan.  This time I we wanted to know as soon as we could!  I was planning to know around 15-16 weeks so when I called the imaging place we would go to and they told me to come in at 14 weeks, I was ecstatic!  John was scheduled to be out of town on a fishing trip so as with Anderson I asked my mom to accompany me and be the only one to find out.  I love this new little "tradition" we've started- its so special to have her be the first to know!  Thankfully we only had a 5 hour gap to wait before we found out! 
I ordered confetti poppers from a shop on Etsy and included enough for the "big" little kids to participate in the fun! 
When it was time, we popped our confetti to see!  I just knew this baby was another boy so when I saw Emory's confetti out of the corner of my eyes I froze.  I am pretty sure my confetti never made it very far in the air. 

We were SO happy and excited to see PINK and find out we will be welcoming a baby GIRL in April!!  It's crazy to me to think Anderson will have a little sister, John and I a little girl and that soon our house will be filled with baby dolls and bonnets! 

My sister also knew that "she" was a girl and had a few personalized treats for us to open.

It made it all the more real seeing her name written out. 

Her names are family names.  We chose Mary for obvious reasons but also to honor Johns grandmother who passed away this past May.  Ma (Mary) was a wonderful woman who loved Jesus and her family.  She adored Anderson and I wish more than anything that she was still here to meet Mary Attis.  Attis was my maternal great great grandfathers name (Thomas Attis Anderson).  He passed away when my mom was 4 so I never got to meet him but I've loved the name for years. How special that both of our kids each carry on 2 of his names! 

This pregnancy is flying by so fast that I often forget I'm pregnant sometimes (until the nausea kicks in). However, it makes me so excited that April will be here before we know it and we will soon get to meet our little Mary Attis!  

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Back... with some big news!!

I’ve thought a lot about this little blog lately.  I started it while in the midst of planning my wedding and continued it through our journey to meeting our first child.  Once he arrived, I quite my job and took on the hardest one I’ve ever had- taking care of him. It has certainly been the most rewarding job but there are definitely a few misconceptions of a stay at home mom- one of them being A LOT of free time to do things like sit around, eat bon-bons… and blog.  I was so wrong.  But that’s for another post. 

I blogged for one reason- to document my little family’s memories and I’ve missed doing just that. I loved blogging Anderson’s milestones and look back often on them.

So, the news and the main reason to jumping back in? 

We are thrilled to be expecting Baby T #2 in the Spring!  We have prayed for this child and feel so blessed that God has answered those prayers.  I want to remember this time in our lives and the things that are too often forgotten.

One day I hope to write about our journey to #2 but for now we are focusing on all the excitement that comes with welcoming another baby!

….and of course, making our baby a BIG BROTHER!