Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Randoms

Thank goodness it’s Friday!  It’s no secret they are my favorite, especially when I have the afternoons off! 

Now that our schedules are finally slowing down a little, we’ve been taking advantage of the free time by cleaning and organizing the house.  I have moments lately where I just don’t think I’ll ever catch up between the laundry, dishes and the overwhelming stack of wedding gifts and thank you notes that are piling up.  Should I bother mentioning that between all of the hustle and bustle of the wedding and officially moving all of my loot to Camden, I have managed to shove everything into closets and drawers.  I am embarrassed yet proud to say, I finished all the laundry in the house for the first time in a long time today!166773992421237047_7SYNWSSW_cI have however managed to stay on top of my wifey duties in the kitchen.  Ok, maybe just the cooking part.  {John usually gets talked into doing the dishes or at very least just throwing them in the sink to be done later.}  This week I tried my hand at a few Pinterest recipes and they did not disappoint if I must say so myself.  I have been loving my slow cooker lately- its effortless and usually makes me look like I can cook.  Throw a bunch of ingredients in a pot in the morning and come home to a cooked dinner after work- what's not to love?  This slow cooker cilantro lime chicken was so tasteful and easy.  It’s definitely worth trying! photoI have heard a lot about the knock off JCrew necklaces that apparently look just like them but are super cheap!  I ordered one last night so I’m interested to see what its all about!  140John and I have a tiny visitor for the night.  I picked Watson up around lunch time and brought him back to Camden with me.  We have been having fun all day and don’t want to return him tomorrow!  Emory’s birthday party is in the morning and we have a wedding fiesta for Court & Whitney tomorrow night so it looks like we have to!  photoHope you have a wonderful weekend! 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

House Projects #2

We were lucky to have bought a house that needed very little to no updates or repairs as our house had been fully renovated in the past 7 years.  Although, every wall in the house is painted a neutral tan color with exception to the guest bedroom/ nursery {the previous owners used it as a nursery and I can’t stray away from calling it that- no worries there is no baby Thompson on the way!} which is painted a chocolate brown color.  Last year, I got the itch and wanted to updated/ change something in the house, so we started with the sun room

Our den and kitchen is one big open area that sits in the middle of the house.  I had been putting off decorating mainly because it was just not a top priority at the time with the wedding and I wasn’t living there so I didn’t have to see it each and every day. 

John finally agreed to help paint the den area which I took advantage of since he loathes painting.denden2We used a green valspar color which I can’t seem to put my hands on the name.  It ended up being just the right color- not lime and not too light. 

The only update possible to do for the kitchen was new counters tops and new appliances.  We decided on a wedding gift for each other that we would both enjoy but one that was also practical- granite counter tops.  We had agreed and set a goal to have them installed by the end of the summer.  Or so I thought.  John “I can’t keep a secret” Thompson broke down and told me on Tuesday that the counter tops would be here Friday.  IMG_5158IMG_5162IMG_5163IMG_5169IMG_5171IMG_5172We decided on “Uba Tuba” which I’ve always really liked and was very happy with the finished product! {sorry for the grainy iphone pictures}kitchenkitchen1I continue to try and convince John to help me paint the “nursery” and then we will be done with the house projects.  Atleast for now.  He’s not really buying it so what you’ve seen may be what you get in the painting/ repair department!

The Big Day! {Bridal Luncheon}

I am not sure at this point in my life I have ever had the feeling I had the morning I woke up on my wedding day.  For whatever reason I set my alarm for 6 a.m.  I guess I was nervous I would oversleep and and miss my bridal luncheon at 10:30?  ha.  I woke up confused and vividly remember my first thought being “Oh my goodness, it is my WEDDING DAY!”.  I jumped out of bed to fix a cup of coffee.  I planned to write John a letter the morning of because I wanted for what I wrote to reflect my true feelings.  And that it did.  I sat in my bed with tears rolling down my face praying my parents would not wake up and find me. {even if they were happy tears!}  I was ready for the day to begin.

It is tradition for my aunts to throw the bridal luncheon for the niece getting married.  When it was time to plan Boo’s, my aunts on my dads side asked if they could be included which they did for mine also.  With the wedding being in Columbia and all the aunts living outside of Columbia, Amy stepped in to help coordinate and plan the luncheon.  My aunts hosted it at a Watson favorite- Rosso.  They are not typically open for brunch/lunch but were able to put together a menu to accommodate. 

It was amazing to have 40 plus women in one place supporting and celebrating not only John and I’s wedding but the relationships I share with each of them.

I hate this is blurry5Sisters4mom and her girls93my sweet flower girl who doubled as my little gift helper7

I get it honestly from my mom but I love giving gifts.  I get so much joy out of it!  As thank yous for hosting my luncheon, I gave my aunts candles which I wanted to keep for myself!  My readers and greeters were given Scout coolers and Kelly {stand in bride} and Sarah {wedding day helper} were given scout cosmetic bags. 

As for my bridesmaids, I wanted something that they could use the day of the wedding but that they could also use after.  My dresses were a French Blue so I opted for gold earrings with a honey stone that I found on etsy.  I printed each girl a note and hung the earrings from the note.  Amy put her sewing skills to work and helped with the other part of the gift.  I found different Amy Butlers patterns of fabric that I loved and she made each girl a “catch all” bag.  I loved the way the whole gift turned out- I even ordered myself my own pair of earrings which I wear all the time and use my bag in my purse!8We relaxed while enjoying great food, drinks {to calm the nerves a little} and each others company before hurrying to my parents house to get ready! 

Celebrating 28 years {Part 2}

I feel like I am just now finally recovering from all the birthday festivities which really shows my age.  They did last almost 2 weeks straight in my defense.

As I’ve said before, there are no secrets in our household.  Never have been and up until now, I wasn’t sure there ever would be.  I have on many occasions tried to hint at John that I would really love for him to take me to The Mill Pond out in Boykin.  Surprise or not- I just wanted to go!  So, riding to work one day it hit me- I’m going to surprise him and take him to Mill Pond.   Which turned into I’m going to surprise him, have the Mill Pond limo pick us up with a handful of his best friends to surprise him there when we arrived.  This was a good 3-4 weeks out.  I just knew I could not keep this from him.  Those handful of friends were now in on the secret and I knew there was not a chance he would truly have NO idea.

Side note:  He conveniently surprised me with granite counter tops Friday, the same day this surprise was set to take place.  Really?  There may have been a few “Well, I have a surprise for you too but I’m not telling”. {Another post on that coming soon!}

I had a half day at work and before I could head back to Camden  I met some of the girls at my parents to set up for Sarah and Rob’s Shower.  On my way home, I picked up some beer for the limo ride and planted it on Ben and Liz’s back porch.  Ben, Will, Suzanne and Coy were riding in the limo with us.

This is when it gets good.  Not only had John talked all. freakin’. week. about what he was going to order at Outback, I had to sit and play it cool during every Outback commercial that came across the TV.  I told him we had reservations at 8:00 in Columbia so we needed to leave by 7:30.  AKA the limo would be at the house at 7:30 to pick us up with said friends already inside.  7:00 comes and he tells me he is going to load up Sulley and get ready so we can leave.  Suzanne texted me when they were on their way around 7:25.  I was super nervous because I just knew I’d cave and accidentally give it away at the last minute so I kept my space pretending like I was still getting ready.  The next thing I know John is be lining it down the hall asking why there is a limo in the drive way.  Surprise number 1- SUCCESS! IMG_5174I handed him a note with a few clues and an Outback gift certificate.  I knew I wasn’t getting out of Outback that easy so I planned ahead and bought a gift certificate to reassure him we would eventually go.  We headed to the limo where he was greeted by a BIG surprise!  I finally told him we were going to Mill Pond and that his friends had been in on the secret!  He still had no clue there would be more friends waiting at the restaurant.  IMG_5175IMG_5176photoIMG_5178He didn’t realize this surprise was more like the gift that kept giving and was shocked to find Stephanie and Phillip waiting and later Todd, Jill and Liz!  We were ready for a fun night and this view was not so bad either!IMG_5180June 20123-001IMG_5182IMG_5187

The waitress caught wind that it was John’s birthday and that he was expecting to be at Outback eating blooming onions that night.  With the help of the chef, she surprised the whole table with a twist on the good ole’ blooming onion!  It was delicious!  We had such a fun night with our friends and to my surprise John was not disappointed.  He must have told me 25+ times since that it was the best birthday he’s ever had which was music to my ears!

The next weekend we headed to Charleston to celebrate John’s '”Sandy Point” Birthday.  I rarely use my canon anymore and this weekend was no exception.  I did make sure to capture a handful of pictures on my phone though!

I took off Friday so we could head down early and enjoy some relaxing beach time.sandy pointThe view totally made up for the fact that we were shackin’ up in the La Quinta Inn.  In our defense, it is the only reasonable hotel within walking distance of Ripley Light Marina where we put the boat in.sandy point2On the way to Red’s for dinner and baseballsandy point3Camden boyssandy point4sandy point5sandy point6boat ride to Sandy Pointsandy point7Dinner at Coast before a fun night outsandy point8sandy point9And there you have it- John’s never ending birthday festivities.

Until next year…

Fifty Shades

...of red! Note to self: read no more until you're alone in the privacy of your own home. I finally fell under pressure and started the Fifty Shades trilogy this weekend. I just know my face must have given away the shock of what i was reading. I'm here to tell you, I was tempted to put the book down a handful of times and walk away and I'm only 6 chapters in. I may be naive but there is no way people really are into this stuff. Its taken some convincing and chatting with friends but I'm trying to hang in there and finish all three! Stay tuned!


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday, America!

We are headed to the lake to celebrate America's birth with family and friends! Wishing you a very safe and fun celebration!