Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Anderson's first haircut {10.28.14}

I finally bit the bullet and took Anderson for his first haircut.  His hair was slow to grow and by the time summer rolled around he had turned into a little towhead.  What little hair he had was blonde and thin so I was getting away with not cutting it for as long as I could. 

I asked John to go with me.  He does really well with Anderson in situations that I may not do so well myself (i.e. cutting my baby's curls).

Ms. Kelly got him situated in his chair with animal crackers before she started snipping. 
He did great.... until the clippers were pulled out.  Thankfully that only lasted for a few minutes.
We were out the door with a lollipop and new hair do in no time!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Picnic lunches and park playdates

We decided to pack a lunch and steal John away from his desk to enjoy the 80+  degree weather yesterday!  It was just what we needed and Anderson had the best time!  He loves being outside all. the. time no matter the temperature.  The few times we have visited the park he hasn't been much into the "sides" but yesterday he surprised us!
We are so ready for this Spring weather to stay around and for more playdates outside!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

This season of life + pregnancy update

As we close in on these last few months, weeks and slowly days of this pregnancy, I find myself thinking and wondering a lot. Thinking about how much our lives have changed in 2 years and wondering how much more they soon will change.  I've been told by so many that the transition from 1 to 2 is the hardest - anything after that is just adding "another".  This scares me a little.  I worry about how John and I will tag team a screaming newborn and a demanding 2 year old.  I worry that I will never be able to leave the house again, mainly because the thought of loading and unloading while keeping two civilized in public freaks me out.  I worry about never sleeping again- the thought of that alone keeps me awake at night.  But if I'm being honest, I worry more about how I will spread the attention.  How I will make this transition easiest for the one that's been my only for 2 years.  How I will have room in my heart to love another. 

I know I'm not the first mother and wont be the last with this concern.  It's part of that emotional transition from one stage to the next.  I know that what's the come is SO much greater than what we already have.  I know there will be days that my mommy guilt gets the best of me.  But I try to be realistic. This season of life is so fun yet so trying at the same time.  We are between the "I nuv ew mommy" and terrible twos.  The hugs and kisses to kicking and screaming.    It can be so frustrating and so rewarding.  I pray I can remember the good when it gets bad and remember this is all so normal.  This transition will be new to us all.

One of the biggest struggles with getting pregnant with #2 was the guilt I carried of giving Anderson a sibling.  I always new I wanted more than one.  I grew up 1 of 4 girls and come from a close knit family.  I wanted to give him that forever bond I have with my sisters.  I selfishly wanted to have the opportunity to parent him as that protective big brother.  The question I'm most often asked is "Do you think he knows there's a baby coming?"  I have a hard time answering that.  No, I don't think he really knows there's going to be another tiny human that's coming to live with us forever.  I think he knows that mommy's stomach is growing.  He knows enough to kiss said stomach as he proclaims "baby!".  He also knows to hit/jump on said stomach.  He knows to pick up the ultrasound pictures of Mary Attis and kiss her before he turns it around to show her to us with such pride.  But do I think he really understands? NO.  Do I worry about this?  Not Really.  I worry more that he will hurt her from affection than I do anything else.  I imagine "be gentle" will become part of our every 5 minutes and that I wont be able to leave him unattended with her for more than 5 seconds.  But I do not worry about him as a big brother or if he will love her. 

Maybe these concerns are all because I worry about myself.  I worry for things that will probably go unnoticed to him but will at times force me to carry guilt. With all the worries I may have, I am truly ready and excited to see what this next season brings.  I can not wrap my head around how quickly this pregnancy has flown by or that we will be welcoming her in less than 3 months!  I find myself pushing the breaks because I know how fast they grow.

Which reminds me, I haven't documented this pregnancy at. all.  So heres a little update so I remember a few things. 

How far along?  28 weeks {Thursday}

Size of Baby?  an eggplant- measuring between  and 2.5 lbs!

Maternity Clothes? both.  most days I wear yoga pants/ leggings and a tshirt.  I can still make my normal jeans work with a band and some non maternity shirts fit. 

Weight Gain?  I honestly have no idea.  I didn't look at the scale last time I was at the doctor but my home scale says 24 lbs

Gender?  baby GIRL!  I still can't believe it.  I was sure I'd be wrestling to keep little boys clean and fed for all of my life. 

Sleep?  what's that?  I usually have a difficult time falling asleep then mostly toss and turn all night.

Movement?  All the time.  I knew we were in for it when the tech said she was having a difficult time getting the shots she needed b/c MA was so active.  I love those little movements though- don't take any for granted!

Cravings?  everything.  no really with Anderson I could've eaten any man under the table with wings.  This time its anything.  I mostly crave and eat eggs, bread, some salads and sweets.  Ice cream and sugary cereal are my weakness!

Symptoms?  back Pain, pressure, sinus issues.  My doctor warned me that #2 is tougher in the symptoms department.  I can vouch that it really is.

What I'm looking forward to?  warm weather, the beach and my baby being here. and a margarita.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Gender Reveal- Baby #2!

 We knew we would find out if Baby #2 was a boy or girl as soon as we found out we were expecting.  I hope with one pregnancy (probably the last) I can wait for a delivery room surprise but this go round just wasn't it.  I am a planner and for the most part regardless of gender, most "stuff" can be used from Anderson.  But I needed to know whether he could wear hand-me-downs of all things blue or if she would need a whole new wardrobe, blankets, hats and of course if I needed to start stocking up on bows!;)

With Anderson we waited until 20 weeks to find out at our anatomy scan.  This time I we wanted to know as soon as we could!  I was planning to know around 15-16 weeks so when I called the imaging place we would go to and they told me to come in at 14 weeks, I was ecstatic!  John was scheduled to be out of town on a fishing trip so as with Anderson I asked my mom to accompany me and be the only one to find out.  I love this new little "tradition" we've started- its so special to have her be the first to know!  Thankfully we only had a 5 hour gap to wait before we found out! 
I ordered confetti poppers from a shop on Etsy and included enough for the "big" little kids to participate in the fun! 
When it was time, we popped our confetti to see!  I just knew this baby was another boy so when I saw Emory's confetti out of the corner of my eyes I froze.  I am pretty sure my confetti never made it very far in the air. 

We were SO happy and excited to see PINK and find out we will be welcoming a baby GIRL in April!!  It's crazy to me to think Anderson will have a little sister, John and I a little girl and that soon our house will be filled with baby dolls and bonnets! 

My sister also knew that "she" was a girl and had a few personalized treats for us to open.

It made it all the more real seeing her name written out. 

Her names are family names.  We chose Mary for obvious reasons but also to honor Johns grandmother who passed away this past May.  Ma (Mary) was a wonderful woman who loved Jesus and her family.  She adored Anderson and I wish more than anything that she was still here to meet Mary Attis.  Attis was my maternal great great grandfathers name (Thomas Attis Anderson).  He passed away when my mom was 4 so I never got to meet him but I've loved the name for years. How special that both of our kids each carry on 2 of his names! 

This pregnancy is flying by so fast that I often forget I'm pregnant sometimes (until the nausea kicks in). However, it makes me so excited that April will be here before we know it and we will soon get to meet our little Mary Attis!  

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Back... with some big news!!

I’ve thought a lot about this little blog lately.  I started it while in the midst of planning my wedding and continued it through our journey to meeting our first child.  Once he arrived, I quite my job and took on the hardest one I’ve ever had- taking care of him. It has certainly been the most rewarding job but there are definitely a few misconceptions of a stay at home mom- one of them being A LOT of free time to do things like sit around, eat bon-bons… and blog.  I was so wrong.  But that’s for another post. 

I blogged for one reason- to document my little family’s memories and I’ve missed doing just that. I loved blogging Anderson’s milestones and look back often on them.

So, the news and the main reason to jumping back in? 

We are thrilled to be expecting Baby T #2 in the Spring!  We have prayed for this child and feel so blessed that God has answered those prayers.  I want to remember this time in our lives and the things that are too often forgotten.

One day I hope to write about our journey to #2 but for now we are focusing on all the excitement that comes with welcoming another baby!

….and of course, making our baby a BIG BROTHER!


Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend Rewind

We had a perfect weekend celebrating our cousins first birthday, riding four wheelers and cheering on our beloved Gamecocks!

Westie’s turned 1 on Friday- where did a year go?  She is the oldest of the 3 babies and its hard to believe how fast they are growing. 


What’s a birthday without a bath in the sink? 


Emory and Watson spent the weekend at our house which was a treat!  They are so good with Anderson {and all the babies} and it was nice to have 2 extra sets of little hands around to help occupy little A.

Watson is all boy and he loves going to Liberty Hill to “hunt” and ride the four wheeler and tractor.  Saturday morning he and John went to pick up Deuce {John’s dad’s dog} and he came back telling me all about “scouting” for deer. 


Some of our friends cooked a pig and had everyone over to watch the USC/Arkansas game.  The kiddos were kept occupied with paint and stickers. 


We promised Emory and Watson we would take them up to Liberty Hill Sunday.  We rode four wheelers, played with the dogs and rode the property putting corn out for the deer!

How cute is this picture? 


We ate lunch, got cleaned up and ready for Westie’s birthday party.

How is my baby old enough to sit in the bath by himself? 


Happy Birthday Westie!!  We love you!


Sisters and our babies

{Anna West-1 / Andersons- almost 7 months / Mak 10.5 months}



We have a short week and are heading to the Tennessee mountains Thursday to spend time with the family and watch the Gamecocks against the Volunteers!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pumpkin Carving

With the fall weather moving in this week, we decided it was time to carve our pumpkin.  Anderson ate his pumpkin supervised while john did the carving.  He is into EVERYTHING these days and this was no exception, often times reaching his hand into the “insides”.  10.9




Pumpkins everywhere! 



John and I enjoyed our favorite fall beer for the occasion. 


Anderson’s first Halloween- another “first” under our belts!