Thursday, October 2, 2014

Back... with some big news!!

I’ve thought a lot about this little blog lately.  I started it while in the midst of planning my wedding and continued it through our journey to meeting our first child.  Once he arrived, I quite my job and took on the hardest one I’ve ever had- taking care of him. It has certainly been the most rewarding job but there are definitely a few misconceptions of a stay at home mom- one of them being A LOT of free time to do things like sit around, eat bon-bons… and blog.  I was so wrong.  But that’s for another post. 

I blogged for one reason- to document my little family’s memories and I’ve missed doing just that. I loved blogging Anderson’s milestones and look back often on them.

So, the news and the main reason to jumping back in? 

We are thrilled to be expecting Baby T #2 in the Spring!  We have prayed for this child and feel so blessed that God has answered those prayers.  I want to remember this time in our lives and the things that are too often forgotten.

One day I hope to write about our journey to #2 but for now we are focusing on all the excitement that comes with welcoming another baby!

….and of course, making our baby a BIG BROTHER!


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