Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Big Day! {Bridal Luncheon}

I am not sure at this point in my life I have ever had the feeling I had the morning I woke up on my wedding day.  For whatever reason I set my alarm for 6 a.m.  I guess I was nervous I would oversleep and and miss my bridal luncheon at 10:30?  ha.  I woke up confused and vividly remember my first thought being “Oh my goodness, it is my WEDDING DAY!”.  I jumped out of bed to fix a cup of coffee.  I planned to write John a letter the morning of because I wanted for what I wrote to reflect my true feelings.  And that it did.  I sat in my bed with tears rolling down my face praying my parents would not wake up and find me. {even if they were happy tears!}  I was ready for the day to begin.

It is tradition for my aunts to throw the bridal luncheon for the niece getting married.  When it was time to plan Boo’s, my aunts on my dads side asked if they could be included which they did for mine also.  With the wedding being in Columbia and all the aunts living outside of Columbia, Amy stepped in to help coordinate and plan the luncheon.  My aunts hosted it at a Watson favorite- Rosso.  They are not typically open for brunch/lunch but were able to put together a menu to accommodate. 

It was amazing to have 40 plus women in one place supporting and celebrating not only John and I’s wedding but the relationships I share with each of them.

I hate this is blurry5Sisters4mom and her girls93my sweet flower girl who doubled as my little gift helper7

I get it honestly from my mom but I love giving gifts.  I get so much joy out of it!  As thank yous for hosting my luncheon, I gave my aunts candles which I wanted to keep for myself!  My readers and greeters were given Scout coolers and Kelly {stand in bride} and Sarah {wedding day helper} were given scout cosmetic bags. 

As for my bridesmaids, I wanted something that they could use the day of the wedding but that they could also use after.  My dresses were a French Blue so I opted for gold earrings with a honey stone that I found on etsy.  I printed each girl a note and hung the earrings from the note.  Amy put her sewing skills to work and helped with the other part of the gift.  I found different Amy Butlers patterns of fabric that I loved and she made each girl a “catch all” bag.  I loved the way the whole gift turned out- I even ordered myself my own pair of earrings which I wear all the time and use my bag in my purse!8We relaxed while enjoying great food, drinks {to calm the nerves a little} and each others company before hurrying to my parents house to get ready! 

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