Tuesday, July 10, 2012

House Projects #2

We were lucky to have bought a house that needed very little to no updates or repairs as our house had been fully renovated in the past 7 years.  Although, every wall in the house is painted a neutral tan color with exception to the guest bedroom/ nursery {the previous owners used it as a nursery and I can’t stray away from calling it that- no worries there is no baby Thompson on the way!} which is painted a chocolate brown color.  Last year, I got the itch and wanted to updated/ change something in the house, so we started with the sun room

Our den and kitchen is one big open area that sits in the middle of the house.  I had been putting off decorating mainly because it was just not a top priority at the time with the wedding and I wasn’t living there so I didn’t have to see it each and every day. 

John finally agreed to help paint the den area which I took advantage of since he loathes painting.denden2We used a green valspar color which I can’t seem to put my hands on the name.  It ended up being just the right color- not lime and not too light. 

The only update possible to do for the kitchen was new counters tops and new appliances.  We decided on a wedding gift for each other that we would both enjoy but one that was also practical- granite counter tops.  We had agreed and set a goal to have them installed by the end of the summer.  Or so I thought.  John “I can’t keep a secret” Thompson broke down and told me on Tuesday that the counter tops would be here Friday.  IMG_5158IMG_5162IMG_5163IMG_5169IMG_5171IMG_5172We decided on “Uba Tuba” which I’ve always really liked and was very happy with the finished product! {sorry for the grainy iphone pictures}kitchenkitchen1I continue to try and convince John to help me paint the “nursery” and then we will be done with the house projects.  Atleast for now.  He’s not really buying it so what you’ve seen may be what you get in the painting/ repair department!

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Mary Vance Berlin said...

Your home is shaping up to be so inviting and cozy and simply lovely! So happy for y'all! Hope to see it one day when we are visiting in Liberty Hill! Love to you both!!